A Guide on Major Auto Spare Parts

A Guide on Major Auto Spare Parts

If you have a car and need to buy new auto spare parts, you may find it helpful to look for a guide on motor vehicle spare parts. The SEMA (Specification and Engineering Association) has compiled a list of guides on auto spare parts regulation. The brochure provides a quick overview. You can also read the electronic guide if you want to know more about the regulations for aftermarket parts.

The description section helps you get all the details about a car part:

Writing the Description section for your car parts website can be tricky. Google likes rich content, so include both images and videos. Images are best because they show the exact part you’re describing. While videos aren’t always practical, they can help customers understand how to install a part. Also, be sure to provide links to related parts. Those are the two best ways to get high search engine rankings.

Aftermarket car parts:

Aftermarket car spare parts are manufactured by companies capable of making OEM car parts. These companies hope to sell quality aftermarket parts at competitive prices with OEM. They manufacture parts according to the specifications and quality standards of the automaker, although their branding and pricing may differ. The difference in quality is not significant enough to warrant an automatic decision to purchase aftermarket car spare parts. However, consumers should check the quality of aftermarket car spare parts before deciding to purchase them.


Regulations on major auto spare parts vary from country to country. While some countries do not regulate auto parts directly, others have regulations that dictate how and when a part must be available. In some countries, for example, car manufacturers must supply replacement parts for a minimum of 10 years. This requirement makes cars cheap to repair and easy to replace. Government contracts also demand a certain level of availability of replacement parts.

Where to buy:

Shopping for major auto spare parts is made easy with online marketplaces. Several online stores offer a wide range of car parts and accessories. You can narrow your search by vehicle type, age, and VIN. You can also choose by part code. Before making a purchase, you should compare prices and shop around to find the best price and availability. Before placing an order, make sure to check the online retailer’s shipping policies and return policies.